Online Band Biography and Press Kits

If you are looking for general inforamtion about 5000 FINGERS click on the 'online bio' link. You will then be taken to our web version of our bio.

For access to an official press bio in PDF, text, MS Word, etc. please click on the 'download bio' link. And if you are looking to complete your press kit, click on the 'official band pic' link for various formats of our up to date "official" band pic for easy downloading!

The 'press' link contains as much of the press/interviews/reviews that 5000 FINGERS has been able to collect.

Also note that there are more pictures available aside from the "official band pic." This is the photo we have selected to be our "formal press propoganda image." Be sure to check out the water section for a full imagery library.

If you wish to access other sections of the site (audio center, merchandise, gallery), please just click on the bottom left 'HOME' portal. This will bring you back to the entrance to pick a different section.



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