Born into a world of computers, programmers and engineers, but with the blood of an artist, T.bias formed 5000 Fingers in 1996. The goal: to create music without stylistic limitations. The genre created was merely coined as "bio-chaotic electronic music."


The term "bio-chaotic electronic music" stems from the conscious focus ambiguity of the music. While many artists try to focus the viewers’ attention upon a very specific item (let that be a feeling, a story, or political stance) 5000 Fingers attempts to move away from any such focus. The stories, feelings, or political stances expressed in the music are relative to the viewers’ own conscious interpretation. The music is created in a method similar to free form poetry in the sense that little conscious thought is spent on the "how’s" and "why’s" of the supposed message while it is being written. Once a piece has been completed, T.bias joins the audience in the task of deriving personal meaning from the music. More often than not, words do not correctly express the essence of the music.

bi'o cha•ot'ic elec•tron'ic mu'sic (n.):
1) Music produced or altered by electronic means, as by a tape recorder or synthesizer, while incorporating an amount of humanized disorder.
2) In standard media terms the style of music ranges from industrial to drum'n'base; dark wave to noise; electronica to
dub; IDM to ambient.

T.bias, the sole member of the group, has applied his life of computer knowledge, extensive musical study (ranging from digital audio production, various garage bands, 8 years of professional flute training, to azz bass), & love for art to form this endeavor.


Although a set of influences can never truly help put your thumb on music without first hearing that music, here is a list of some influences that have helped form 5000 Fingers: Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Tones On Tail, Bauhaus, Brian Eno, T. Rex, Terry Gilliam films (Brazil, Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys, etc...), Download, Einsturzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Bill Viola, Autechre, David McKean paintings, Beethoven, and many more.… The above list includes various bands, but also includes some visual artists. "Visual media have just as much of an impact as audio when creating music. A movie can impact me to such an extent, even through excessive subtlety, that my music is able to siphon that emotion or imagery into an aural image." --T.bias


Instrumentation ranges from guitars, electric basses, samplers, keyboards, modular synthesizers, computer workstations, swing sets, violin, gravel, cars, devil sticks, stadium crowds, cardboard tubes, & grapa.

5000 Fingers is a band with the goal of creating music, but the visual domain also plays a great role. T.bias has teamed up with the uncanny and slightly neurotic talent of Mr. Where to create everything from band photos, web pages, and sculptures to further express the elusive essence of 5000 Fingers. Much of Mr. Where’s work is available to view through the 5000 Fingers web site. 5000 Fingers live shows will act as a living, breathing, and interactive


At present, 5,000 Fingers is in production for a full release in addition to the following: •EP Electric Monk: available through at the following URL: •"White Light" remix appearing on Planned Parenthood CD compilation. •The track "White Light" appeared on the Delinquent Records compilation titled 'Industrial Baby!' featuring artists such as Attrition •Many more in the near future!


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