Please take a moment to check out some of our good friends and family. If it weren't worth checking out it wouldn't be here. If you would lke to join the list or know of a link that you feel would do well here, please send an email here.

Kraquehaus Productions
The record label created to encompass 5000 FINGERS and its related projects.

The KraqueHaus (the band)
The experimentations that were part of the 5000 FINGERS collective have now branched off into its own entity named after the label.

Cork on a Fork
The comic strip created by members of 5000 FINGERS.

Scar Tissue (aka, Form/Alkaline)
Scar Tissue have long been friends of 5000 FINGERS and have been working together on various projects.

Tunnel Zine
A great underground zine geared towards experimental, underground, noise, et cetera.

Great band and great friends of 5000 FINGERS. Their sound is very experimental with ambient and noise influences. Truely amazing work.

KZSU 90.1 FM
A spot of great radio in an air full of 'sausage radio.' (i.e., mass produced garbage ground up and packaged in the intestines of an executive who thinks they know what you want)

Genesis P-Orridge
Nothing can be compared to the shear joy of being able to experience the life of such an amazing, groundbreaking, thought re-evaluating, social prism artist such as GPO. His work in COUM Transmission, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, PigFace, and Thee Magesty have been legendary and cointencentail works.

David Bowie
If you are unaware of David Bowie's life work, please allow yourself the pleasure of doing so NOW.

T.Rex (Marc Bolan)
Marc Bolan broke the world into the glam scene in the early 70's and broke our hearts in '77 when he died. His legend lives on and his life's work is a milestone that no musician should overlook.

Survival Research Labratories
Modern performance artwork that can not be compared to anything you have seen. A culmination of robotics, army surplus, social distortions, dead cows, fire, and a destrucive force usually saved for war time comes together to form a pseudo-living nightmare.

Jane Erik
Amazing friend and amazing music. A cross between Enigma, Portishead, and Brian Eno.

Emerge Recording
Home to the band Zeitmahl, DJ Shok, Anita Haxsaw, and more. 5000 FINGERS has remixed a few tracks for various Emerge artists. Check out Zeitmahl's MP3 site to download!

San Francisco Goth
The jumping pad for the SF Goth scene.






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