This page is dedicated to the entity that is our studio, The Coagulum. As this has become our baby, we would like to let you have a peak into how 5000 FINGERS music is created. If you have any technical questions about our music or equipment, please feel free to send an email here.


Equipment list

-Macintosh 500mhz G4
-MOTU Digital Performer
-BIAS Peak
-Akai MESA
-MOTU 2408

-Yamaha O1V w/ ADAT i/o
-Mackie 1604
-Mackie HR824
-Tascam D-AP1 PortaDAT
-Fostex D5
-Fostex D90
-Shure SM57/58's
-Shure VP-88

-PAiA 6710 Vocoder
-Alesis 3630
-SansAmp Bass DI
-SansAmp Gtr. Amp. sim.
-Home made distortion farm

-Roland MC-505
-Roland JP8000
-Akai S2000
-Alesis QS8
-Moog Satalite
-Roland Octapad II
-Casio SK-1

-Ibanez custom electric
-Gibson power bass
-Ibanez custom e.bass
-Mnt. Acustic

-Tube AM radio
-Disemboweled solidstate
-Cardboard Tubes
-Wine cellar kit
-Stolen Answering Machine Tape
-Various other stomp boxes, barrowed instruments, violins, boxes, cards, keys, fish, trucks, etc...

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