The joint forces of T.bias [5000 FINGERS front man] and various friends of thee family. T.bias brings together the neurossis of various artists and tries to pull them into one coagulate.

The line up has included at various points of time the following people:

-J. Mullins; J. has been a friend of thee family for years now. He brings nervous guitar playing and mismatched radio dispensation to the table. He was a radio station engineer and a guitarist in the band "Puke."
-Mr. Where; Mr. Where has been a friend of this family since the mere existance. He brings an abundance of good ideas, spoken word, violin banging, guitar scraping, knob bending, and grapa.
-LPA; LPA recorded vocal tracks and performed at the first Kraquehaus show.
-David Kramer; A former guitarist from T.bias' earlier band, he partook of a kraquehaus recording nearly 3 years ago. The master tape is lurking somewhere in the depths of the Coagulm
-Scott Tusa; A drumer who used to partake of this earlier band as well joined in the above mentioned recording.

The basis for The Kraquehaus is to bring the flavor of live music and the spirit of improvisation to electronic music. Most of the music recorded are first takes. Very little editing or doctoring is done once the tracks are recorded. No true pre-planning or lengthly concious desisions on the music's "direction" are applied.

You may check out many of the recordings on their MP3 site.



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